Chocolat | Premium Chocolate Bars

This premium chocolate project was created with fine materials of the patisserie Chocolat Mandalas symbolise unity and harmony, so we considered that they would be the perfect design to depict this taste experience externally. The tasting procedure made us to get lost among the flavours and odors in the world of cocoa. A journey that starts in every bite. Α fresh and plain design is what came in our mind from the first moment. For the external part we chose 350gr Old Mill paper from the collection by Perraki company in combination with metal and pastel pantone colors while the aluminum pink gold internal wrapping prepares you ideally for what will follow. Enjoy it ! Graphic design, color, colour, inspiration, logo, logofolio, branding, branding agency, packaging design, brand identity, stationery, packaging, graphics, behance, dribbble, photography, art, typography, digital art, trendy, skill share, skill share class, adobe, adobe photoshop, art direction, identity, custom.

ClientΖαχαροπλαστείο ΣοκολάServicesPackaging, Graphic DesignYear2017

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