This study unveils the strategy behind crafting the unparalleled Rilancio wine label, setting new benchmarks within the wine industry’s elite standards.


Sangiovese Rilancio is a luxurious fusion of Tuscany and Thessaly. It’s crafted and bottled at the prestigious Karipidis family winery in Vounena, Thessaly.

This remarkable Greek red wine is a rare gem born from the popular Sangiovese grape variety of Italy.

Inspired by the notion of the word “relaunch” this elixir offers a fresh and more refined take on the classic Sangiovese from Tuscany.


This wine is an extraordinary fusion of cultures. It harmoniously unveils fine flavors born from this captivating chemistry.

Sangiovese wine exudes Mediterranean finesse. It boasts crisp acidity, elevated tannins, and a full-bodied profile. Sangiovese Rilancio is the perfect blend that works as a testament to the origin’s seamless integration with the Greek soil.

The complexity of its flavors and aromas are profoundly delightful. This variety also showcases primary, secondary, and tertiary notes that elevate the wine to a premium category.


We considered three main pillars for creating the label’s branding:

1. Make the wine itself the main protagonist
2. Merge prestige with a velvety sensation
3. Create a collectible bottle (limited edition)


1. Inspired by the opulent flavor profile of black cherry, blackberry, chocolate, oak, and spices, we opted for a glorious black color scheme. This choice signifies status, elegance, and richness. Which aligns perfectly with the wine’s prestige and luxurious essence.

Our approach centered on simplicity and elegance. The bottle’s core, coated in sleek black, brings out sophistication. The bold, minimalist typography, commands attention. With this highly minimalistic aesthetic, we ensured that the wine itself remains the undisputed protagonist, captivating enthusiasts with its taste.

2. The design captures the intriguing interplay between the weighty Burgundy bottle and the soft, velvety touch of the label. This contrast symbolizes the wine’s quality, embodying a harmonious blend of maturity and vibrancy. It underscores the wine’s depth and complexity, enticing the audience with these intriguing contradictions.

3. With only 3000 bottles available globally, the collectible bottling achieved success as it swiftly sold out. This scarcity adds a vibe of exclusivity, elevating the wine to a high status among collectors and connoisseurs.


Karipidis’ Rilancio label was a pursuit of perfection. Our mantra for this creative process was “elegance in every detail.”

Rilancio wine label isn’t just a design. It’s an ode to sophistication, luxury, and the finer things in life.

Status, elegance, and richness are showcased on this label design, that reflect the rationale behind this wine, where contradiction reflects maturity and vibrancy. The success of the sold out collectible bottles speaks volumes, as it proves it left an indelible mark on wine enthusiasts.

The final result has done us credit since the specific collectible bottling – only 3000 bottles globally – is already sold out.