Karipidis estate is a family run winery in Vounena, Thessaly, located in central Greece and occupying more than 100 acres of a proprietary vineyard.
Vounena’s meaning in Greek refers to small mountains where a rich winery tradition has always been lurking.
The tradition continued by Karipidis label, which actually becomes even better as time goes by, offers wines able to prove that the fertile land of Thessaly can compete with even the most renowned vines in the world.

Today, this tradition has passed to Pantelis Karipidis family whose great efforts and tremendous love produce wines distinctive not only for their quality but also for the unique experiences embedded in each and every glass.

Sangiovese Rilancio from Tuscany to Thessaly – an outstanding and pleasant coexistence of cultures that seems to bring out all the special flavours which emerge from this impressive chemistry.

This wine’s finesse remains Mediterranean with crispy acidity, high tannins and a full body – evidence that this variety has successfully embraced the Greek soil.

The complexity of its flavours and aromas is intense since it showcases the primary, secondary and tertiary fragrances of this particular
wine – a fact that on its own places the product at a premium category while at the same time dictates a highly minimal design approach that will allow the wine itself to be the protagonist.

Black cherry, black berry, chocolate, oak and spices are the leading
elements which have led to the conceptualization of this glorious black colour as a sign of status, elegance and richness – a fact that also stands out due to the “dialogue” between the “heavy” bottle of
Burgundy and the velvety, soft touch of the labelling.

Black colour for the core of the bottle along with bold and highly aesthetic white typography for the label constitute the two conscious design choices, necessary for highlighting this wine’s quality – a contradiction that reflects the maturity and the “nerve” which coexist in harmony within the wine.

The final result has done us credit since the specific collectible bottling – only 3000 bottles globally – is already sold out.